Metzger Machine Co.


Established in 1878, Metzger Machine is the oldest operating machine shop in Cincinnati. With its full-service machine shop and three graduate engineers on staff, Metzger is capable of providing a wide range of machining and engineering services.

Metzger is able to provide complete job shop services such as sawing, milling, drilling, welding, turning, dynamic balancing, and grinding.  Engineering services include design & redesign of custom equipment and reverse engineering & production of expensive or obsolete OEM parts.

Pinnacle Roller partners with Metzger Machine to provide machining and fabrication services; common ownership allows for work to proceed seamlessly between both companies. Details regarding Metzger’s capacities and equipment can be found here.

Cincinnati Laundry Equipment


Cincinnati Laundry Equipment specializes in the sales of new and used equipment and parts for commercial/industrial laundries and the dry cleaning industry. The sales and remanufacturing facility is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. One of the unique features of CLE is our full service machine shop that is located one half-mile from this facility. The machine shop allows us to produce parts for obsolete equipment or parts that are not presently available from the manufacturers, to recreate special parts for our customers.

Thousands of different parts are kept in stock for the most popular machines of various vintages and manufacture. Also available are a wide variety of parts for the not so popular machines. When replacement parts are no longer available, a wide assortment of good used parts is also available. If we do not have the part you need, our resources allow us to find the part in a short period of time or manufacture a substitute part.

Cincinnati Laundry is under the same ownership as Pinnacle Roller, and is located just a half mile from Pinnacle. For more information on Cincinnati Laundry Equipments products & services, look here.