Precision, Reliability, Service

Covering and recovering urethane rolls lies at the heart of Pinnacle Roller’s operation. Quality equipment and experienced operators enable us to process rolls to the tightest tolerances, with reliable quality. Pinnacle Roller is committed to partnering with the end user to assure that they receive the exact product they need, with reliable quality, within an excellent turn-time. Pinnacle Roller’s standard lead-time is 1 week for regrinds, 2 weeks for recovers, and 3 weeks for core repair and recover. At the same time, we recognize that production environments don’t always allow for “standard” lead times, and Pinnacle Roller will drop our plans and hustle to meet your needs.

Urethane-Covered Rolls

Custom-cast urethane rolls, up to 70 Shore D Durometer. Offering a wide variety of urethane compounds to stand up to the most rugged roller applications.